Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Keeping it simple...

Movement prep - ASLR, Joint mobility, Brettzel
16 kg Get-ups x 10 min (various styles)
16 kg x 100 continuous swings (Rx10, Lx10, Altx20, 2 arm x 10 and repeat)
16 kg SLDL x 3 sets of 5+5
ASLR, Hip Flexor stretch
Club Swinging

Just keeping things moving and getting ready for surgery on Friday.


Max Shank said...

I have to say that I have gained a lot of perspective on my own training from reading yours over the past couple years. The tonic and restorative effect that they have had on me have been nothing short of amazing.

Best of luck on friday, Brett.


Brett Jones said...

Thanks Max - your progress of late has been inspiring as well - keep up the great work.

Frankie Mecono RKCII said...

Borrowed a copy of Kettlebell Basics for Trainers and Coaches last night and watched the whole thing. I really liked how the video was done, it moved along well, refreshed some little things for me and covered a lot of movements. Interesting to see how the technique has evolved from 2005. Great job on all the DVDs.

davor said...

Enjoy the rest period during your recovery. Your account is certainly in credit, when it comes to human movement. The others in the house will just have to get used to being called Stepp n Fetchitt.
Barcelona v Real Madrid at 1pm on Sunday might have some good moves, if you're up to watching ;) (Arsenal v Chelsea is on 2 hours earlier too!)

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Frankie - KB Basics is holding strong over time - Glad you liked it.

Thanks Davor - i think i missed the fights last night - I've just been sleeping a bunch.

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