Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Feeling good and finding more reasons to love my foam roller...

Feeling good after yesterdays workout - but have to say that only squatting once a week and doing paused squats are good for producing soreness! Love those squats!

I was working with someone today on building up to pistols and realized that since incorporating the foam roller these feel the best they have felt in a long time. After I hurt my Right knee over 2 years ago pistols just never felt the same on that leg and then my left went haywire in a deep fully flexed position so pistols did not feel good on that leg. Now since hitting the foam roller I am feeling more comfortable with pistols. Pretty cool.

Also finding that my previous hot spots are kicking out much quicker - really cool.

More tomorrow...


Mark Reifkind said...

dude I can't tell you how many knee "injuries" I've found that are nothing but IT band tightness and breaking that up on the roller "heals" the knee injury pretty quickly. the new high density rollers are seriously good too.

Brett Jones said...

The performbetter.com PB Elite molded foam roller is the best - awesome stuff.

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