Thursday, February 01, 2007

Full Circle...another old post from the DD forum...

This is from May 28 of 2002 - I had interviewed with the Duquesne Club Health and Fitness Center in Pittsburgh (I had been running a hospital based wellness program in Clarion, Pa for 5 years prior to this) and had a first interest in raw powerlifting.

Well - I am back at the Duquesne Club Health and Fitness Center and I am involved in Raw Powerlifting. Weird eh....

What a wonderful and strange time it has been. I have been in the process of interviewing and accepting a new job. It is a great opportunity that i feel will really help me in my personal and professional development. The interviews and decision to change jobs is a step out of my comfort zone but one I have needed to take. It seems these changes never happen slowly as this one occured over a two week period. During that time I managed to train my nerves and have had to back off on the DL. I am going to give the Justa singles program a try since I think the DL lends itself to a singles program very well. Plus this will structure my program and prevent me from spending too much time at the top of my strength curve. I have been doing some lurking, on times when I could get on line, and it is amazing the speed and variety of topics on the board. I missed being here and hope to be back on for awhile.
I am getting more interested in raw powerlifing - anyone have any info or links I can access?? Hope everyone is doing well and training hard... and having fun... Brett

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