Wednesday, January 31, 2007

From the forum - Feb. 20, 2002

Looking back and thinking about the 4000 or so posts I have had on the DD forum and thought I would go back and pull some for review here on my blog.

Obviously not all 4000 posts have been directly training related but a large percentage are and it will be interesting to look back at them and try to discuss the evolution of my time on the forum and personal/professional development.

Here is a very early post that came about following my RKC certification in Feb. 2002 - even back then I was touting the benefits of simple programming:

If you remember from the RKC, the program minimum was suggested by the Evil One. Snatches and Presses. I can certainly attest to the effectiveness of this program. The snatch truly does work every muscle of the body and the addition of the presses is the cherry on top. It was an almost exclusive addiction to snatches that led to my vertical leap increase. I also found all of the other drills easier to learn from that base. The snatch and side-press are the core of my routine. Is anyone else using this abbreviated type of training? I am a fan of keeping things simple and with the "family" of Kbells at my disposal the variation is perfect. Keep in mind that abbreviated does not mean easy. It is simply an efficient and effective routine.

A quick quote from Thomas Edison - "Great ideas originate in the muscles."

Am I missing anything? Any comments?


This was the beginning of "simple doesn't mean easy" and a shows an early focus on abbreviated routines - I also like the Edison quote.


Geoff Neupert said...

Some of the best progress I ever made was by performing 2 exercises per day/training session.

Must be something to that...May have to revisit that soon.

Thanks for the prompt.

Brett Jones said...

Simple is best - focused effort yield the best results - etc... Hope you are doing great.

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