Thursday, January 25, 2007

"If you are bored - It isn't heavy enough." Rif

People search for variety because they don't get results (Mark Rippetoe refers to this in Practical Programming). Variety for the sake of variety or because you are bored because you have been doing the same thing ad nauseum is not a good reason.

The same weight, for the same reps, for the same sets, in the same order - on your special bench or machine is a recipe for disaster - which leads to staleness, boredom and the "need" for variety.

"I am after results - not a workout." (quote attributable to me) - I don't get bored as long as I am getting results. Progression is the cure for boredom.

Let's say that again (with feeling) - Progression is the cure for boredom.

Getting stronger and getting results and making progress towards your goals will keep "boredom" at bay.

Now - there is such a thing as purposeful variety! I am not contridicting my self here - there are times when variation within set parameters will help ensure progress and results.
Beginning a deadlift cycle with snatch grip deadlifts (which will increase the range and challenge the grip), moving to sumo deadlifts (to target the hips) when progress slows on the previous style of deadlift, and then to your conventional or competition style when progress slows on the previous style will allow for an exteneded cycle that can target specific weaknesses in the goal activity. Variation with purpose.

If you are bored I am willing to bet you are not getting results and are not training "heavy" enough. So what are you going to do about it? Seek variety for varieties sake - or will you define goals and focus on results and progression?


Mark Reifkind said...

and it's all easy til it's heavy.

oh yeah, one must not perform random acts of varieties in search of those "results". Like you said, you have to care about results more than the process to truly advance.otherwise you do what you want, not what you need.

Brett Jones said...

Doing what you want vs. doing what you need - Love it.
Hope you are doing great Rif.

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