Monday, January 29, 2007

Back from my travels to VA...

A busy and successful weekend - another 2 DVD project and 3 "audio seminars" completed over the weekend. Currently Secrets of the Shoulder is available on and soon (hopefully) to be available on - Safe Strength and the othe r projects will be rolling out as completed.

Gray and I have a great time working on these projects and look forward to many more. And speaking of that - I am going to go ahead and put myself on public display and announce that I will be working on a book - I don't want to committ to a finish date but thhis project will be my main focus until completed.

Personal growth - Working on the video I was forced to admit and re-discover a trigger point in my hip and restriction in my deep squat - all because I had backed off of some "therapy" that I should be doing on a consistent basis. My training is heavy and focused and I need to be more diligent about the up keep of my body. I get focused on my squat or dead-lift or whatever and start to let other things slide - it is a re-occuring theme for me (and maybe you as well).

Perhaps more later but for now - I think I will go hit that trigger and take care of the machine.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to the DVDs and book. Can you give us any hints about the book's content?

Brett Jones said...

It is pretty early in the process - it will be a combination of things - How's that for a hint? ;)

Anonymous said...

"It is pretty early in the process - it will be a combination of things - How's that for a hint?"

Hey, that's *exactly* the topic I am looking for. Put me on the pre-order list ;

Mark Reifkind said...

brett I have found there is a direct correlation between how heavy I trained, how much recover work was necessary and how little I wanted to do it! LOL.
the only thing harder than figuring out what to do is remembering to do it.

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