Thursday, January 11, 2007

Finding your identity...

People tend to find their "identity" in various places and in the athletic sense people find an identity in their chosen activity.

Imagine people you know who will identify themselves as - A Runner, A Basketball player, A Golfer, or for me as a Strength guy or a Powerlifter. It almost comes off as: "Hi - my name is __________ and I am a runner."

Why does this happen? Because success binds us to an activity or goal. A person who may not have been particularly athletic in high school finds out later that they can run. And they become a Runner. It becomes a part of their identity. Success breeds confidence and the binding to who we/you are.

This is good and bad. Good because it develops consistency and another level of dedication to the goal or activity.
Bad because it is devastating when that identity changes. People who cannot participate in the activity that was a part of their identity have to deal with that loss and find another outlet/indentity. Or it is a crippling loss.

I am careful to try to leave my identity open. Not so open that I cannot sit here and say with confidence that I am a strength guy not a physique guy but open enough that I feel I could deal with a change to that identity.

What is your athletic "identity"?


Tracy Reifkind said...

I'm hoping to beak the indentity of " That's the lady that lost a ton of weight with KBs!" I'm really proud that I did that, not so proud that I had to do that!

I don't mind being "You're Mark's wife, right?" That's fine with me! But interested to see how my indentity will evolve.

Brett Jones said...

To continue to evolve and progress is the key but think back to what your identity was before you were "the lady that lost all that weight with KBs" - I still remember having thanksgiving dinner with the Rifkeind family! You are great Tracy and I loved your blog about having a food problem not a weight problem!
So - "Mark's wife" - keep swinging!!

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