Monday, January 22, 2007

Change and Evolve...

Seems to have been the theme for the weekend and since these terms have been used a good deal I thought it wise to look at them and see what is actually being said.
1)to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone
2)to become different
3)to become altered or modified

1)to come forth gradually into being, develop, undergo evolution
2)to develop gradually

All groups, organizations, systems and human endeavors undergo change. And all of these things evolve in their own way and time.

We as individuals progress and change and evolve in our own lives and sometimes this takes us away from people or groups that we never thought we would part from - life however has different plans. Our decisions and choices lead us down and along these paths of our life.

Sometimes change is gradual - sometimes it is quick - sometimes we chose the change and it's speed - sometimes we don't - this is the way of things.

We have all gained friends and lost friends. We lose touch with people we couldn't imagine not being in our lives - conscious choice or natural change and evolution? Only the individual can know.

Combining the human element with business and creating a cohesive group out of individuals that share a vision and common goal is perhaps one of the greatest challenges in personal interaction and business. There is a reason corporations have Human Resources departments!
Sometimes people within a group choose to leave and some choose to stay. Friendships, feelings and business are hard things to reconcile at times such as these but we do continue on.

I for one am where I want to be and doing what I want to be doing. The past 2+ years have been filled with change and evolution in my life - some chosen, some not, some wonderful, some hurtful. But what I know at the end of this is that I have learned, I have changed and I have evolved. And I now understand that I choose to be who I am and that is enough.


Authentic Strength Training said...

Brett, thanks for the comforting words in this time of shifting sands and abrupt departures. Cold enough for you in the Burgh? I just opened this blog yesterday. Blogosphere, here I am. Will I be seeing you at the April RKC?

Will Williams

Royce said...

Once again, great commentary. I don't know why someone would abandon such a great seemingly tight nit community.

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Will - i will not be at the April cert due to a scheduling conflict - presenting at an AFPA conference in Myrtle Beach SC. The Burgh is great and cold! Hope you are doing well.

thanks - people move on for a variety of reasons friendships and business are strange bedfellows at best. Change is a constant and it will be good.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Brett, I normally check your blog everyday, but didn't read this until now,(Tues. morn.).

What was it about the last 2 years?
For many of us the Universe seemed to shift. I don't spend my time dwelling on the why's, spending most of my time on the is's.

Your last paragraph was beautiful, thanks.

Brett Jones said...

In the last two years I have gotten divorced, moved cross country, established a business and friendships and a life - then moved back to re-establish a business and life here in a new relationship - all while establishing the website, RKC business and all the other fun things around.
Thank you for checking in on the blog and hope to talk to you soon.

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