Tuesday, January 23, 2007

CNS and Max attempts

Feeling yesterdays Squat PR - which was actually a true max effort and there is a difference.

475 x 1, which I hit before my 495 effort was a PR - 495 pushed me to a maximum effort resulting in some Central Nervous System fatigue today.

You can PR without maxing out. And this should be the strategy for most of the year. I don't think you have a large supply of max efforts in the tank. Personal Records break previous levels but leave something in the tank. Max effort - you burn the tank.

So today is stretch and move and relax - tomorrow will be a very light day of training to assist in recovery and Friday may be about the same - then rest over the weekend and get ready for a push-pull meet later in March.


Anonymous said...

With regard to max efforts and cns fatigue, does this apply primarily to max efforts defined as one rep w/ max weight?

Or does it also apply to max efforts defined as max reps w/a lighter weight (KB snatches, for example)?

Also, what are the symptoms of cns fatigue (as opposed to simply feeling tired, or sore, or whatever)?

Brett Jones said...

In my experience the CNS fatigue from 1 rm work is different from endurance work - more systemic fatigue from endurance work. For me CNS fatigue is just representing itself as a general "neural" feeling of having hit the wall - and this is different from having hit CNS fatigue as a result of too much for too long. Decreases in grip strength can be a great indicator - if you can close a #2 for 3 reps and after something like a squat PR (next day) you can only close it once - CNS fatigue.

Royce said...

Cool post, I like that "PR without a max effort".

You are a beast dude, awesome pr.

Authentic Strength Training said...

An AFPA meeting in Myrtle Beach? I had no idea the Alberta Food Processors Association had an annual shindig. I was once with the American Forestry and Papers Association, but then I turned to weightlifting. Always stick with what's right eh? Take care out there.

Brett Jones said...

American Fitness Professionals Association - presenting in Myrtle Beach (april 27-29) and Ocean Beach,Md (May 11-12) - afpa.com for more information - not sure if the Forestry Association will be there or not. ;)

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