Thursday, January 04, 2007

A pretty slow day...

Squatting cycles can result in two things - 1) Lots of eating! and 2) Lots of need for recovery!

Man - I cannot eat enough - even the bad calories are being shoved in right now. I have had a great squat cycle so far and am feeling good but my legs are feeling the workload. Enter the Far Infrared Sauna!

I got to spend 40 minutes in a 120 degree Far Infrared Sauna today and it felt great! A great sweat and there are supposed to be loads of benefits of the wavelength of the infrared heat. With any luck I will squat tomorrow and be able to get in the sauna again on Saturday.

Not much else to report or pontificate on today.


Mark Reifkind said...

exactly! getting in the habit of spending lots of time with my legs up was not the result of any laziness but the consequences of many heavy squat and dl days.
when you are a serious powerlifter you need to spend as much time eating and recovering as you do training. probably more.enjoy, I am envious.

Brett Jones said...

I can remember back to being in the RSR program for my deadlift and having similar eating feelings but my legs seemed to handle it better. Squats are a bit of different animal. Don't be envious - remember the pain! ;)

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