Friday, January 05, 2007

Travel, Training and (darn I can't think of another T) - oh yeah - Thinking!

Travel - I am already booking workshops, presentations and travel into October of 2007. Having a long range plan and ability to schedule events is key to sanity and success as the year progresses. BTW - If you have been thinking of booking me for a workshop in 2007 - don't wait because the dates are disappearing.

Training - Man am I looking forward to my squats this afternoon - Rif's post yesterday re: Pressure in training is very true - If I can feel the weight as I take it off the rack I know I wasn't ready with my level of pressure and preparation for the lift. (
Also - the sauna yesterday does seem to have helped my recovery.

Thinking - There are two prime concepts to wrap your head around where training, mobility and flexibility are concerned. 1) Muscles are dumb - they only do what the neurological system tells them to do. 2) Follow #1 to it's logical conclusion.

Meaning - If you have a tight "something" - what neurological program or pattern is involved and are there trigger points etc... that need to be addressed.
Z-health is making more and more sense to me - as they focus on "flexibility" by addressing the neurological restrictions - and then patterning - and then - wow you can move. Pavel's materials, Gray Cook's materials - we are all trying to get to the same place - just different paths. Results matter - if you have a way of removing restriction and enhancing function that works - great - use it. I prefer Pavel's and Gray's and am looking to add Z-health when I can.

Squats later - I can't wait!

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