Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lots of good stuff out there...

Thomas Furman has had some great blogs recently - has a very good first part of an article series on what some of there top writers believe but cannot "prove" scientifically. Alwyn Cosgrove, Chritian Thibaudeau, Mike Roberston, and Mike Boyle all have some great stuff there. Boyle's is sure to raise an eybrow or two!

Great discussion on the re: the power clean and athletes - some coaches swear by them and give them credit for things I personally do not think they provide. Jack Reape and Geoff Neuport both give some great info on the box squat side and Randy Hauer on the OL side.
Good stuff.

For me - I had a great squat workout yesterday - 5 sets of 3 reps at 405. And almost didn't do it but thought of a Jack Reape article:

"Mistaking mental feelings as equivalent to physical signs when it comes to skipping or cutting short workouts is another error. For example, if your girlfriend just left you or you just found out you're being audited, you might not feel like doing legs that night. Man up and get to the squat rack. What you feel like doing is often the exact thing you shouldn't do, and vice versa. On the other hand, if after a few weeks of very hard training before a targeted contest or goal point, you get a poor night's sleep, you missed lunch due to a work emergency, and the hamstring you pulled while waterskiing last weekend is killing you, this is probably not the time to man up and push through it. If love is never having to say you're sorry, then love is the key to avoiding injury. Missing a workout now and then, however blasphemous, is a key to maintaining progress through injury avoidance. You ignore hurt feelings, but you don't ignore a hurting hamstring."

So - had I not "Manned up" and made it through my workout I would have missed out.

Just a mish-mash of what is out there and catching my attention.


Mark Reifkind said...

'sacking up' is very important, as you know I wholeheartedly beleive BUT as I found out the hard way saturday, if your concentration isnt there sometimes its more manly to NOT train. so hard to know when to do what, that's for sure.
glad you did your squat and they went well. will give you call soon.

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Rif - once I was under the bar with my working weight everything fell into place - and I wholehartedly agree that sometimes the choice to not to ________ is the best and most difficult.

Geoff Neupert said...

Last nite was a great example for me not "sacking up." Shoulda put off the session until today.

and it's Neu-PERT, Mr. Joe'nz...;-)

Brett Jones said...

Sorry man - I get in a hurry typing and mistakes happen - I'll get it write the next time.
It is a hard call sometimes but once I felt things go right - I knew I was OK.

Again - sorry Mr. Neupert

Geoff Neupert said...

Tie-po? Wot kynde uv lamb exkuse iz dat?

Just gotta rib ya, man, just gotta rib ya...

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