Sunday, January 14, 2007

Endurance training and Strength training...

Weights are for Strength training. They are not an endurance tool.
If you want endurance and increased efficiency in O2 uptake and aerobic markers - Run, Cycle, Jump Rope, Swing KBs, Snatch KBs, Clean and Jerk KBs, Jerk KBs etc...

Strength helps endurance - Endurance will not help strength.
Anaerobic improvements will improve aerobic - Improvements in aerobic will not improve anaerobic.

Use the right tool for the job. 20 reps of squats for example compared with 10,000 steps during a 5K race is nothing. It will not improve the O2 uptake specific to the task of the run. On the other hand - increased strength will allow fewer muscle fibers to be recruited for each step and leave more in reserve and less demand on the O2 uptake.

Power - is improved through strength. Even endurance events are power events - how fast can you move X amount of weight (even if that is your body weight) in what time. Well if you are stronger and able to move X amount of weight with more force (ie. faster) then you go....ummm.... Faster.

Strength train to get stronger - then go use your strength in your sport skill practice.

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