Tuesday, January 30, 2007

From the dragondoor.com forum...

Just a re-post from the dd forum that I wanted to re-post here.

workout 1 - 12+ minute sets of swings with the 32kg
workout 2 - 24kg density training 20 min 5r+5L at the top of each minute
(drop minutes and add reps until you are 10+10 at the top of each minute for 10 minutes)
workout 3 - 16kg 12-15 minute snatch sets - rest when necessary
(non-consecutive days)

Idea behind the workout is someone looking to improve on the Secret Service Snatch Test - (10 minutes of snatches - unlimited hand switches).
Heavier swings to make the 24kg feel "lighter" (eventually some snatches with the heavier bell).
Density training to increase volume and compress rest periods.
Lighter but higher volume snatches will build ability to go longer in a continuous manner and condition the hands a bit also a bit of a de-load from the other 2 days.

Just a sample of Applied Strength programming.

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