Saturday, February 17, 2007

Quick update and then out for the weekend....

Headed away for the weekend to get some R&R so I will be back Sunday night or Monday with more blogs.

Training yesterday -
Ran some sprints in a squash court. For those of you unfamiliar with squash google it - it is very interesting. But I was using a variation on a conditioning test used in squash. You sprint the court front corner to opposite back wall corner - in the test you need to 10 (down and back = 1) sprints in under a minute. A great anaerobic sprint drill. For the Ivy league squash teams you need to do 10 sets of the 10 sprints - all 10 sets have to come in at one minute or under each and you only get one minute rest in between. A really rough test and great conditioning.
So I have decided since I am not an ivy league squash player I will set my sights on 5 sets of 10 sprints with one minute rest between sets. (each sprint coming in in less than a minute)

So today was 5 sets of 5 sprints all in 30 seconds or under with one minute rest between sets. Fun stuff.

Then later I did some foam roller and stretching on a ballet bar. I am very interested in this type of stretching and have a routine that I will go through each day at work. Also learned some new foot and ankle strengthening exercises that are ballet oriented. Great stuff.

Enjoy the weekend


Tracy said...

That must be a pretty sight, you on the ballet bar :)

Brett Jones said...

You have no idea - poetry in motion!!! ;)

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