Thursday, February 22, 2007

My fortune tonight...

Had a bit of Chinese food for dinner tonight and my fortune cookie had this to say to me:
"A difference, to be a difference, must make a difference."

Sounds like they stole one from Yogi - but there is wisdom here. (As there was in some of Yogi's sayings)

How many times have you changed something - diet, exercise, work - and it made no difference. Maybe you got sore for a day or enjoyed doing a different exercise - but did it make a difference. BTW - a difference for me is something that brings me closer to my goals - not variety for variety's sake.

I always tell my clients that in order to change - you must change. (another profound one eh?) But you would be amazed at people that never see any results (ie...a difference) but always have a reason. They change their routine or they never change there routine - They eat perfectly or they gave up on the "diet" they were on because it did not create a difference. Then it wasn't different.

How can you effectively target a difference with an amorphous goal like - "I want to be in shape"? Round is a shape - is that what you meant????

You must know where you are - where you want to be - what it will take to make the difference.

Goals and the ability to evaluate your progress are the keys to creating that difference.

So - are you making a difference?


Randy Hauer said...

I like to tell my trainees that to achieve any goal, they have to "be" that goal now. If their present condition is the result of how they've always done things, does it make sense that continuing to do and think in the same ways will produce anything different than what is already and always produced?

A goal is simply a kind of project that exists in the future(goal = a projection) When it is clear and measurable and manageable it creates a "pull" and the more you do "right" the stronger the pull and the greater the momentum don't reel in a goal like a fisherman reels in a's the other way around: the goal pulls you into the future.

Ultimately, a goal has to be a promise and a commitment...I want a Ferrari and I want to lose 20lbs mean absolutely nothing without honoring either as a promise to produce.

(Maybe you should consider changing your handle to "Tao Jones" when dispensing eastern philosophy?)

Randy H.

Anonymous said...

Brett's blog and Randy's comment are wise.

Brett Jones said...

Actually - "The Tao of Pooh" is one of my favorites!
Making the commitment to yourself and honoring it is where it is at - Good stuff Randy.

Thanks Hawkeye - I don't think I deserve the burden of being wise though ;)

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