Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Back from Hungary...

Travel, Carryover, Training and Reflections....

Got back from Hungary Monday night and spent yesterday in a little bit of hibernation mode to recover a bit before hitting the road again tomorrow to teach again at the Oct. RKC in MSP. Basically dump the suitcase into the washer/dryer and then fold and put it back in the suitcase - or as I like to say "it's like shampoo - just rinse and repeat..."
Quick turn around trips like this mean you take care of what absolutely has to get done and the rest will wait until the "madness" is over. So if I haven't gotten back to you on some subject please be patient.

While at the Hungarian RKC I pressed the Beast 3 or 4 times (singles) with my right arm without having picked up a beast in quite a while and without training my MP at all. To what do I attribute this increase in pressing strength without having pressed = GET-UPs!!
And light ones too - mainly 16 and 24 kg with occasional 32 or 40 kg sessions but just grooving the Get-ups and bringing my "stabilizers" and coordination up with this one move.

I also have to say that the VO2 Max protocol played a role here as well - Even though I am "leaner" (for those of you who know me - you know I have my own version of "lean") my weight is still around 188. These results with light KBs are shocking but very pleasing!

Training Today...
Prep work - Z, Brettzel, ASLR
16kg Get-ups - various styles
Arm bar into a 3/4 get-up x 4+4
High Bridge x 4 + 4
OHS negative x 4 + 4
Low Sweep x 4 + 4
32kg Get-ups x 4 singles R + L

{3/4 get-up is to the Half-kneeling position and down. OHS negative is up with the low sweep and lunge but down with the Overhead Squat.}

RKC Hungary left quite a few impressions upon me - #1 was the pride and dedication of those RKCs that assisted. There was a real focus on providing the same exeperience that the Current RKCs assisting had during their certification to the new attendees. People are proud of their accomplishment and want to ensure that that extends to the "new recruits". Yet another reason I am so proud to be a part of the RKC!
#2 - Teaching through translation was a good thing! It forced Andrea DuCane and I to "hit the target" so to speak. We had to be precise and really get to the heart of what we were trying to communicate. Look for this experince to further progress the teaching evolution of the RKC.
#3 - Shake and Bake...(if you were there you don't need an explaination on this - if you weren't there - it is a new "term" for the Fast and Loose drills...) Shake and Bake baby!!!

Thank You!!!!
Thank you to Peter Lakatos and his family - your hospitality and friendship made the experience.
Thank you to Andrea DuCane - my fellow Master RKC and friend - it was a pleasure to teach with you!

More later and pics when I can get them.

Training continued...
16kg VO2 Max - 8 reps per 15 seconds x 40 sets

Got to sneak in another little workout!


Mike T Nelson said...

Sounds like a great experience Brett! Nice work!

Excellent job on the easy Beast presses. Whoo ha.

Can you explain what you mean by carryover to a Beast press from the VO2 max work? Just curious on that part.

Rock on!
Mike N

Gabi said...

Thank you so much for everything, Brett,

it was awesome working (and of course shakin' and bakin') with you, I'm looking forward to more of that at the FMS course in February!

P.S. Palace pics should be in your mailbox by now :)

Brett Jones said...

It was a blast - the carryover from the Get-ups was more responsible for the pressing increases and/but VO2 Max "sprinting" with a light weight had it's own impact in speed and corrdination.

Thank you so much! You were awesome as a translator and friend.

Rita Nemeth, RKC said...

Dear Brett,
not more than three days passed since the cert but we do miss you already! Can't wait for the FMS in February and thank you for everything! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Brett,

First of all, shake n' bake, baby...:)

BIG thanks to you for the RKC Hungary course, it was amazing. We are looking forward to have you in Budapest for the FMS again...:)

Adri said...

Hi Brett,

thanks for everything. We're very happy that we met with Andrea and you! I sent you some pictures! :)

Adrienn & Richárd

Brett Jones said...

Peter - I am still shakin'& bakin'
Thank you for putting on an awesome RKC.

Rita - thank you and Ervin for your friendship and hospitality.

Adrienn and Richard - great meeting you as well! I will double check for the pics.

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