Monday, October 13, 2008

Oct. RKC in MSP and training today...

Back from the Oct. RKC and another great RKC experience!
A bit tired from the back to back weeks -
two weeks - two RKCs - two continents - two countries - too many time zones... ;-)

Quick training today:
Prep work - Z, Brettzel, ASLR
Weight Ladder -
16kg Get-up x 4+4 and 16kg x 20 alternating swings
20kg Get-up x 4+4 and 20kg x 20 alternating swings
24kg Get-up x 4+4 and 24kg x 20 alternating swings
28kg Get-up x 4+4 and 28kg x 20 alternating swings
32kg Get-up x 4+4 and 32kg x 20 alternating swings

Teach 1/2 hour stretch class

Feeling good but need a bit of sleep!


Richard said...

Hi Brett,

What is a brettzel and what is ASLR? :)

Sean Schniederjan RKC said...


There was a question I wanted to ask you about something you said at the RKC. In one of your talks you said some people have false hip flexibily and use their hips as their abs. What does that mean exactly? That they use their hips as stabalizers instead of the abs? And is there a disconnect with the glutes when this happens?

Thanks for the pain!

Sandy Sommer, RKC said...

Hey Brett,

Thanks for all of your guidance this past RKC weekend. You are the best and I appreciate being able to soak up one drop of your knowledge. I was proud to be on Team Jones!

Brett Jones said...

There will be an extended article in Hardstyle very soon describing the Brettzel - it will do a better job than I can...

Basically - if your "core" doesn't fire at the right time then your hip flexors will begin to take over and be there "abs" - and yes it can coincide with glute amnesia - FMS has quite a few activation techniques to correct this.
Great seeing you through the RKC

it was great having you as a part of Team Jones over the weekend! Keep on swinging!

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