Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kettlebell Secrets Interview tonight...

Tonight at 8 pm Geoff Neupert will be grilling me for an hour on your KB and Corrective Questions!

The link for Kettlebell Secrets on the Left will direct you to where to go to sign up if you are interested in listening in - but for now I need to go "prepare".


davor said...

I really enjoyed that interview. The inner core idea made a lot of sense. I'll be keeping that straight leg glued to the floor from now on in the press to elbow phase of the GetUp. And practicing the crocodile breathing more often.
Would exercises such as the bird-dog help to fire the inner core?

By the way, I'm really encouraged by the lack of injuries to positive training effect ratio that I'm getting from following the Kalos Stenos dvd. I'm planning on incorporating the 'Swings' component of 'Swings & GetUps' and am wondering: should they be done on seperate days or together? (say mon, weds and friday)

Perhaps both those questions are a bit vague..

Brett Jones said...

the bird-dog exercise can be good - try adding a Gray Cook band to the drill resisting the lifting arm and extending leg.
Swings can be added in on the same day - just build the volume slowly.


davor said...

Thanks Brett.

Hopefully I'll have some positives to report soon.

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