Monday, June 22, 2009

VFFs, GPS and Training...

Today we take GPS and exact location for granted. Punch in an address into a GPS unit or Navigation system (cell phone or other) and BAM - your exact location is pinpointed and directions to your destination are quickly calculated.

Now imagine a time when your exact location is determined by the phase of the moon and enough calculation to make a NASA engineer sweat and you have the background for Dava Sobel's book - "Longitude". (

Yes - there was a time where England offered a huge reward for the development of a reliable method of calculating the Longitude for sea travel. The word Chronometer came out of this search as did many of the advancements that we take for granted in our portable time keepers ( or chronometers as they were once known).
Check it out for a quick but informative and entertaining read.

What does this have to do with training?
Glad you asked...
I am going to be putting my training in the hands of Geoff Neupert for the next six weeks.
At this time in my life I am too distracted by work and other obligations and need to just sit back and "Do what Geoff said to do..." (as Dan John would say - his book btw is excellent and I will be blogging on that soon)
Geoff has calculated the "longitude" and I can sit back and follow directions and end up at my destination. My training will be "underground" for the next few weeks but this will force me to blog on more interesting subjects.

VFFs or Vibram Five Fingers shoes are working very well for me - part of my training today was a 1 mile jog on the treadmill (yes I hate treadmills but decided that was preferable to the concrete at this time) at 6 mph (or 10 minute mile pace). And lo-and-behold my calves were firing and will more than likely be pretty sore tomorrow.

So training today looked like:
Prep- ALSR, Brettzel, the Pump
32 kg Get-up x 2 singles right and left
Geoff's program
Jog one mile in VFFs
Ballet Heel Raise x 20, 20
1/2 hour stretch class


Carl Sipes said...

Brett, you gotta stop recommending all these books. It's scaring me because I'm actually enjoying reading. ;-) As far as the running goes, that's exactly what I was talking about in my email.

Brett Jones said...

I have a more coming down the pipe so keep watching. I actually had to restrain myself from going for a run today - now that is something.

SG Human Performance said...

I hear ya on the vibrams. I was suprised after a short run Sunday and Kettlebell Training with the irontamer on Monday and Tuesday and my soleus' are singing to me. It is amazing how the barefoot running speaks to you so much clearer. Now to convert the rest of my bunch.

Brett Jones said...

Yeah - my feet and soleus are speaking quite clearly at the moment!
Fun stuff!

P. J. said...

This theme has been coming up alot so I read "Born to Run" and have been running (well short jogging sessions) in my Sanuk shoes. Not VFF but still thin flexible sole. Really working on kicking my heels to butt as soon as they make contact. Definitely feeling my calves and glutes and hams more than old style running. Debating on a pair of VFF.

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