Saturday, January 09, 2010

A busy few days...

My good friends Jeff O'Connor and Mark Cheng were in town to film a new DVD project.
Advanced Progressions on the Kettlebells from the Ground Up Get-up - Answering questions on and a review of the Kalos Sthenos Get-up (including the origins of the High Bridge), Set up strategies, Hip/ASLR progressions, Shoulder mobility progressions, Stability and Half Kneeling progressions. In other words, a LOT of material and very useful information.

In working on the Progressions covered in the DVD I have already taken my ASLR to a 3/3 and my Shoulder Mobility to a 3/3 for the first time ever. And I have been worked over by these progressions using an 8 and 12 kg KB.

It will take a few months for post production but I will announce when the DVD is ready.


jockeRKC said...

That are a DVD that are going in to my collection =)

Scoundrel said...

So you are working on three projects? This one, KB's from the center, and Club swinging? Wow. You are amazing.

How is the recovery going?

BTW, yes your own book has waited long enough.


Paul Wade said...

The other day I was walking along, and I felt tremors under my feet. It took me a moment to realize exactly what was going on...the iron in the very earth below was actually quivering. It was shaking with FEAR.

That's when I knew. The mighty Brett Jones was back where he belongs--back in the goddamn gym!

Best of luck with the rehab, bro. I've been banged up a whole load and come back. If you were anyone else, I'd offer you a few tips. But since you've already forgotten more about biomechanics, therapy and anatomy than I ever knew, I'll just say; "good luck"!

P. J. said...

getting your ASLR to 3/3, it must be pure gold.

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Joakim

Scoundrel - yup three at once and other stuff as well. Very busy. The recovery is going well and my book has waited long enough.

Coach - Thanks - I am feeling very good and getting ready to kick the training back up. Any tips are great appreciated - especially coming from you.
congrats on the success of the Book!

PJ - it is a bit of gold ;-)

Adam said...

Now this is very good news. If you three got together recently we can certainly expect a release within the next 90 days? :)

Unknown said...

I can tell you that this DVD is going to be pure gold. As much as they've improved since beginning my training with Pavel, my hips & lower back have NEVER felt better.

Jeff O'Connor & Brett Jones are an HONOR to work with, and I can tell you unabashedly that the details in KFTGU II is going to cut to the chase and stomp some serious arse!

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