Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Article on Dragondoor.com

As some know I have been an FMS presenter for a few years now and I have also been though Z-Health R, I and S phase...this article attempts to lay out the issues I see between the FMS and Z systems:

Up front I have to say that Z contains great information - neurology, visual, and vestibular information. There are issues though - in my mind.

Early in the article is a bit about the SAID principle - any comments?


Laree Draper said...

Very interesting, Brett! Makes sense...

I'll be curious to see the response you get.

Michael George said...

Thank you, Brett, for addressing this topic. I like that, the two don't have to be a conflict. What I think we all need is better clarity. I love much about Z, but after two sessions with Dr. Cobb and several phases of training, Z just wasn't resolving my most serious movement issues, including pain. Finally, I tried an FMS guy, and in two sessions I can squat with no pain, press better, etc. Now that my body is working better, now maybe I'm ready for Z health. I did it backwards. I hope you and others continue to clarify what the two schools offer and why. I hope others can avoid all the money spent on a hammer when they needed a screwdriver. I'm continually finding that what Pavel is presenting works the best for me.

davor said...

What a great article. I'm no expert, but the suggestion that we adapt to every single movement seems a bit presumptuous. I'm in big trouble if it is correct though.
The discussion about the stability of joints, and firing sequences in the core, etc, is very interesting. I'm glad you guys are investigating this area, as I would never have heard of it otherwise. I better start studying so I can maybe weigh in with a worthwhile comment.

Brett Jones said...

Thanks - we will see.

Great info and very glad to hear about your success.
what were your weak links?

Thanks -reflexive and feed forward ab training is important

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