Friday, April 09, 2010

This is the fireplace area of the main room on the first floor of Fallingwater.
The rock you see extending from the fireplace hearth is the actual rock that Fallingwater is "built into". Amazing the blend of nature and design that Frank Lloyd Wright acheived.

Smooth and Easy...

Over the past couple of days it has just been smooth and easy Yoga, Clubs and a bit of KBs and I am feeling quite good.

Now off to Southern California to teach a KB workshop at the Menifee Valley Athletic Club

Will be back posting on Monday


Unknown said...

Thanks Brett for your contribution at Menifee Valley Athletic Center. You were non-stop on Saturday and I learned so much. The time you spent with us after the session was over was invaluable. You provoked a lot of thought and I have many more questioned I need answered. Isn't education wonderful. I truly learned from a Master.

Richard Messer

Brett Jones said...

Thank you - everyone did great hanging on for the full workshop.
Keep me posted on your progress

Unknown said...

Once again your depth of knowledge really showed. I've connected with our trainers that were at the workshop and they're still buzzing about it! BTW, clients are already benefiting from the time you spent with us.

Good to learn and catch-up with you again. Always a pleasure, now about that chocolate addiction..> maybe I can help
Paul D

Brett Jones said...

You have a great situation there and it was great to work with you and your staff...
I'll be working on that chocolate addiction ;-)

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