Friday, April 02, 2010

Better but not 100%...

The back continues to unwind slowly but surely.
Clubs and half kneeling work will continue.

Headed off for some R&R over the weekend - stay at a B&B, in depth tour of Falling Water, hiking (which hopefully will help the back) etc... Temps in the 80's and beautiful weather expected.

pics coming next week of Falling Water - second time there and can't wait.


Russell Demczak said...

I will be heading north to do some hiking myself. Great hiking where you are going...enjoy!

Brett Jones said...

we did a bit of walking around but no hiking - hope you enjoyed your time in the woods.
Have you read "A Walk in the Woods" by Bryson?

Russell Demczak said...

I have not, but Swick has recommended it to me on more than one occasion. A trip to the bookstore has been in order for some time now...

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