Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Much better...

The past couple of days have progressed nicely with the back.
95% + today

What have I been doing for it?
Foam Roller
ASLR and Brettzle (both 1.0 adn 2.0)
Club Swinging
and today 16 kg Get-ups and alternating Swings

I had taken a bit of yoga while living in San Diego and even attended a yoga "certification" here in the Pittsburgh area back in 2006 or so but I let myself quit for various reasons.
Well if you focus on Breath, Posture and Position you have a multiple thousands year old system based on aligning, strengthening and opening the body. Sounds like a pretty good thing.
So Yoga is back to stay in some form.
Foam Roller is with "light" pressure hitting a few key triggerpoint areas opening an opportunity to repattern them during the other work.
Embarking on this journey to open the fascia in my lower back might be a two steps forward - one step back at times thing but well worth it in my mind.


Mark Reifkind said...

Just make sure you don't 'name' it man, lol.

Brett Jones said...

Somehow I knew you would hop on that one ;-)
and you know the name by the way...

Didn't say the FR didn't have a place but keeping it in that place is key - your situation plays by different rules.

davor said...

Too many of those involved in strength training seem to be ready to plotz, as soon as you mention yoga.
But if you look closely, a lot of the stretches and mobility drills in the strength universe are borrowed from yoga. So it's my understanding that it's a good thing; especially if, like Bruce Lee, you 'use the good, and discard the bad'. I don't really have the ability to discern, though.
What do you make of the 'beyond stretching' seminar dvds Brett?
I'm considering getting a guide for static stretching, etc, to compliment my ZHealth books, and the sales pitch makes out that there's no need to look any further.

Brett Jones said...

The Beyond Stretching seminar is supposed to be very good - I have never seen it so I don't want to blow smoke - but Pavel's stretching info is second to none based on my interaction with him and Relax Into Stretch.

Men in general avoid some things we really shouldn't.

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