Thursday, April 29, 2010

A little test today...

My workouts have been a bit inconsistent lately so decided I should throw a little test in there to get me going:
24 kg Windmill x 5+5
24 kg One arm swing x 5+5
24 kg RKC 5 min Snatch test - goal 100 reps
My result = 100 reps in 5:25
24 kg Windmill x 5+5

My strategy on the Snatch test was to go with 5+5 x 10 sets so that means 5+5 twice per minute for 5 minutes. I had a few seconds at the end of each "set" for the first 3 minutes then I started needing a bit more rest ending with my last set of 5+5 at 5:25.
Not bad for being that i haven't hit a good "cardio" session in months and I am wheezing like an allergy riddled asthmatic this morning.
Oh yeah and no hand damage at all - one of the benefits of switching hands frequently.
Tomorrow I think I will hit some presses.


Fabio FOGATO said...

My favorite scheme for RKC snatch test is: 20L+20R, brief rest, 15L+15R, then 10+10, 5+5...Try it!!!

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Fabio I'm aware of that strategy but am experimenting with lower rep ranges and frequent hand switches just for fun.

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