Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Great stuff from Dr. Mark Cheng...

It is the common threads that we should grab hold of - Breath, Posture, Position, Skill.

Move Well then Move Often
Move Well then Move Fast

The Martial, Restorative and the Pedagogical all still have a place.
Progression, Variety and Precision used to direct someone's training program.

These concepts and others are in the manual I wrote to accompany Club Swinging Essentials.

More on this as the weeks go by but a question if I may:
Is the KB swing about Maximum Effort or is it about Maximum/Optimal Force Production?


Gary Horn said...

Maximum/Optimal Force Production. What do I win?

Brett Jones said...

Why a gold star of course ;-)

That is correct so it confuses me when I see people shooting for maximal effort.

Unknown said...

Hey Brett,

I'd love to see a blog post going into more detail about maximal/optimal force. I sometimes get confused on the difference between max force/max effort, especially when dealing with the swing and tension during pressing.

Brett Jones said...

I'll see what I can do in the coming weeks


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