Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Keep getting reminders...

As I move more, travel, cough, and train different patterns the attachment points for my mesh in my abdominal wall speak to me.
They speak to me in either dull crampy spasms or sharp spasms to let me know that they are still there. Fun stuff...

I'm training and moving and swinging Clubs etc... but buried under a bit of work so will post training when I can and other observations of course.

The first CICS Club Swinging certification was a success. I'll post when complete feedback is available.


Anonymous said...

Brett - You're such a polite guy and I always enjoy talking with you when I get the chance. I hope the tum and the allergies (can?) get better and I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts on teaching clubs this past weekend! :)

davor said...

So will the mesh ever just 'blend' into your body and become painless? I guess, to a certain degree, this is pain you can ignore.

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Tim - a little rain and knocking the pollen down has helped a lot.

The mesh will "blend in" overtime and I can go with the discomfort to a certain extent - fun stuff.

Girevik said...


I can sympathize with your hernia mesh repair "adjustments"... I've gone through a left inguinal open mesh repair last August, and still will get the odd "burning" sensation around the repair site... ouch. A follow-up with my surgeon indicates no problems, and to continue what I have been doing.

That to say I've ordered the Kettlebells from the Ground Up... mostly to address movement and mobility issues revealed by an FMS screening last year (deep squat score 1, ASLR assymetries, etc..) I hope my hernia flare-ups don't occur too often while I work through the 7 progressions of the Kalos Sthenos TGU! ;-)

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