Sunday, December 24, 2006

Another Holiday Season...

Yet another Holiday Season is upon us and people will be celebrating in their own ways as we bring an end to this year and begin another. I wish everyone a very Happy Holiday Season!

A year in review next week but for now just a bit of stuff from my holiday soaked mind...

Training through the holidays - You simply have to do it. And you have to respect the holiday and time with your family.
Don't expect perfection this time of the year - but do expect consistency.

Diet during this time of the year - Realistic is the word of the season. Your grandmother (insert any family tradition) bakes her famous pie and you are probably going to end up having a piece (or two). Have them - Enjoy them - and tomorrow hop right back on the consistency train and don't worry about it. We are a result of our habits - one meal doesn't make a habit unless you let it.

Eat well - Laugh Often - and Enjoy the Season.

No blog tomorrow as I plan on enjoying celebrating Christmas Day. I wish you all a great day!

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