Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Did some bending and discovered a new grip tool...

IMTUG - Iron Mind Tune Up Grippers are mini grippers meant to be used with either individual fingers, Index + Middle or Ring + Pinky - and you can work your thumb with some pinch gripping.

I had seen the IMTUGs before and not thought much of them but had the chance to play around with one this weekend and I like it. Turned out to feel great working fingers in the variety of ways you can hit them with these little grippers. So much so that I ordered a couple for myself today - I know Christmas is coming but I couldn't help myself!

Also over the weekend I hit a couple of bends - just for giggles - 2 x 60d nails and a Red nail - even though I haven't bent with any consistency in quite some time and hadn't bent any since the October RKC it still felt good to bend a bit. One thing that does get a bit worse is the pressure and pain in the hands - with practice you become "numb" to the pain and pressure but only bending every so often it is brand new pain every time! Fun!

So - What are you doing for your grip?


Anonymous said...

I was wondering when you would get to those. I've been reading about them in their catalogues and thought you would like them. I also thought you need to close that #3 and hope you have not given up on that quest, credit card set be damned. Hell, I'll certify you,lol!

Anonymous said...

I love IronMind...great products! I thought about the IMTUG's myself for awhile. Grip work is alot of fun but very taxing. I took a break from bending and my Rolling Thunder for awhile to concentrate on ETK....but I may add them back on my variety days.
Look forward to reading more bending articles from you Brett!


Brett Jones said...

With the way IM has continued to change the cert rules it is going to be very rare to have someone certify on the #3 - you now have to take a new #3 out of the package and use the credit card set - and no one will certify on the #4 again. Love the products - but not the rules.
Eric - I'll see what I can do about some bending information. I to took a break from the gripping but think the IMTUGs will get me back in the game.

Anonymous said...

brett,I know. I would just like to see you close it by YOUR own rule and get a picture.It may not get you on Randys "list" but closing it is closing it.
still a worthy and honorable goal, imo.right in line with all the PL too.

Brett Jones said...

I have a #3 I can close now and do so for demos - maybe I will order a new one and make that the goal.

Anonymous said...

brett thats great, get a pic of that if you get a chance.none of the old guys used a "fesh out of the box" gripper. He should rescind their certifications and make them all recert with the new rules. shit you wouldnt think closing a gripper would have more regulations than a power meet!

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