Sunday, December 17, 2006

Back from the AAU meet in Las Vegas...

A pretty good weekend - This was the AAU World Push/Pull and single lift meet - (bench press and deadlift).
So straight to the results:
I competed deadlift only in the Sub-master Raw and Open Raw - pulling 540 for my second and missing 552 for a third - I believe I received 1st place in both those categories.

There was some fine lifting on Saturday and it was a good meet. 198's and up lifted today so someone else will have to report on how that went.

My training was very inconsistent leading up to the meet and I am very pleased with a 5 pound PR and a win. Marty Gallagher also gave my form a thumbs up so I am very pleased about that - it was great to get to spend some time with Marty. He is a wealth of knowledge and has some great stories.

Funny moment of the weekend was me having to do an hour and a half of cardio because the 1st scale I stepped on had me 1.5 pounds heavy - then after an hour and a half of recumbent bike and treadmill I was over 4 pounds under on a different scale.
Oh the horror, the horror, the horror of the cardio!!!!! ;)

I will pick a full meet for around end of March or April - and find out where I am in relation to my goal of raw elite.


Anonymous said...

well done chief! good for a pr and a first place. what happened on the 551? where did you stick? where was the weak link?

Brett Jones said...

It wasn't even a great attempt - just kind of got stuck coming off the floor - I had a horrible training cycle up to this and am just happy to walk away with a 5# pr. I don't have multiple max attempts in me at the moment and while 540 wasn't "difficult" - it was enough to fry me for further attempts.

Franz Snideman said...

Congrat's Brett. Mission accomplished!

Geoff Neupert said...

Nice job, Brett.

Cardio, huh? Bummer.

I look forward to seeing the training cycle leading up to the full meet.

Anonymous said...

triple bodyweight is quite and accomplishment. and moving cross country and changing jobs is such great stimulation for your training eh?
multiple max attempts are SO much fun too.just wait til the three lift meet!
hey brett your old phone number doesnt work can you email me your new one?


Brett Jones said...

I thought I would lose you in the cross country move - you are a hard man to shake! I'll call you today.
Thank Geoff and Franz.

Anonymous said...

nice try son, you'll have to do better than that :))

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