Thursday, December 07, 2006

Doing better...

Better diet but training has been low

Due to the travel as noted and feeling burned from lack of sleep and "work" and I had ended up feeling off my game. But I have turned the diet around with very low sugar and good veggies and protein. I do feel better and should be on target for the 181 weight class next week.

Dietary tip for those with a sweet tooth - Dark Chocolate mini's from Hershey's - or any mini dark chocolate - this allows me to have a bite of something sweet to "end" a meal but doesn't overload the system. And they are packed with antioxidants. ;)

Training - Travel and fatigue has put the brakes on my training but I am feeling pretty good. I will post another time on some experiementation with orthotics I have been doing on myself but an orthotic switch seems to have taken some stress off of my right hip and I am feeling "looser".

Otherwise - I am headed for a yogafit workshop this weekend and am looking forward to the looks on the instructors faces when the "stiff muscle bound guy" comes into class.


Anonymous said...

Hey coach,

Thanks for the tip regarding the mini-chocolates. I ate 17 of them at noon and felt great (just kidding).

Good luck in your competition next week. Is it a deadlift meet? Are you peaking for the event, or do you have a broad enough training base to allow you to count on the "WTH" effect to pull you through?

Brett Jones said...

At this point I am hoping for the WTH effect - too much travel, fatigue, and lost training time - but it is a deadlift only meet for me so it should be ok.
BTW - the magical effect from the dark chocolate doesn't hit until you eat 20. ;)

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