Monday, December 04, 2006

Another travel story...

Lost luggage, delays and a crazy trip...

I started this current round of travel on Friday - my 3:30pm flight was cancelled and I was bumped to an 8:40pm flight - made the mistake of checking my bag early in the day and it ended up getting lost (more on that later). When I got to the airport for the 8:40 flight I come to find out it is now 10pm (which ended up being 10:45pm). And instead of flying into Newark, NJ I had to fly into New York LaGuardia (sp?) airport. After landing I find out that my luggage never left Pittsburgh and I am faced with a $120 cab ride to Newark and finally get into the hotel around 2:30AM.

4 hours of sleep and Saturday was a full day of assisting at a Perform-Better seminar in Newark, NJ. Literally run from the seminar to the car and race to make our flight to Orlando, FL. At this time I am still trying to get my luggage and making phone calls to the airline while racing through security etc... Well - that flight from Newark to Orlando (by way of Miami) was delayed and it ends up being another 2AM+ night before we get to the hotel.

Another 4-5 hours of sleep and up again on Sunday to assist at a presentation for the MLB Strength Coaches - after that I finally get my luggage after 4pm.

So no internet and nothing but racing from city to city to seminar to seminar! My apologies for not being able to blog and make other communication with the outside world but just surviving the last couple of days has occupied most of my time.

On a bright note Gray Cook and I have released our Secrets of the Shoulder 2-DVD set (perform better will be carrying it) and it went over VERY well at the Perform Better seminar. And Gray and I are outlining 2-3 more projects!

Travel is crazy - and to be honest with as much as I travel this has been really my first "challenging" trip. Knock on wood!

Back to the "Burgh on Tuesday and some form of a normal schedule.


Franz Snideman said...

Congratualtions Brett! Sounds like things are booming for you.

Keep up the great work!

And try to get a litte more sleep :)

Anonymous said...

man brett! as much fun as it must be to do all those seminars that travel must kill you! glad you are okay and getting back to sure does mess with your training eh?

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, what is the focus of the shoulder dvd?

Brett Jones said...

The Shoulder DVD is titled - Secrets of the Shoulder - a two dvd set that covers screening and corrective strategies and then strengthening exercises. Some KB, some movement screening, some bands - but a lot of information.

Anonymous said...

Brett- time for the private jet?

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