Friday, December 08, 2006

A little bit of yoga today...

As a tune up for what will be a long weekend of yoga I was able to slip into a class today. I find yoga to be an excellent part of my fitness routine. Today in class I felt very good with my breath and was holding poses better than the last time I was in a class.

Focusing on the breath and being able to "relax" into the poses makes it a very different part of my routine - which is usually very heavy and stressful. Might just find some balance if I'm not careful.

One caveat here is that you will need an experienced teacher and someone that is willing to modify the poses to fit the individual. I have an issue with some of the cross-legged poses due to some knee issues but with the right modification it works out quite well.

So find an experienced teacher who can individualize your practice and strike a pose.

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