Tuesday, December 26, 2006

One holiday down - One to go...

New Years is around the corner and you know what that means - New Years Resolutions and a much more crowded gym! (For about 4-6 weeks that is...)

Have you made a "New Years Resolution" ever - or at least in the past few years?
I know I haven't - my goals are set and in motion long before and long after New Years.

Now - If New Years is the trigger for change - so be it - embrace it and run with it!
But if the gym is any indication of New Years as a "trigger for change" - the change is short lived. Why is this?

Why are the gyms crowded for a few weeks and then you are back to the same crowd of regulars? (Maybe a couple of new additions but a net of zero more than likely)

Why? Undefined goals and a lack of need

Undefined goals - Getting in shape is not a goal - It is an idea.
An idea is a starting point not a goal. Getting in shape - what does that mean?
Round is a shape - as the joke goes so it fits with the "goal" of getting in shape.
In shape for what? For sitting watching TV - well I would argue that most people are already well "trained" for that.
So if we are going to be serious about "getting in shape" - we will need to be far more specific.
Imagine running a business where you goal was to "make money". Great idea but a bit short from goals you can actually work with.

A lack of need - There has to a personal level of signifcance reached before change can occur. Want to - is a reason for visiting a store or a restraunt or buying a pair of shoes. Most people never make it past want to. Need to is a whole other level of significance. Need to is the difference between success and failure.
I will be expanding on this tomorrow but lets just close with the idea that need can be created and used.

So as we approach this new year - do you have any goals you are looking to make into "New Years Resolutions"? If so - Is the goal definable beyond an idea and is there a Need for this goal to come to fruition?

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