Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Back from the Danish RKC -

The "Danes of Pain" - Tommy, Kenneth and the Denmark crew put on a great weekend.
Well planned and well executed - it was a fantastic weekend!

Team Jones was a collection of 14 Krav Maga instructors and students from Hugary and one Krav Maga instructor from France - only about three that could translate so it made for an interesting weekend of instruction. But we got it done and done well. The base of instructional knowledge that the Krav Maga people brought in made it easy to connect their newer Kettelbell Skill to the established teaching format for Krav Maga. So a bit of non-verbal, simple english and translation and some hands on guiding and they did great.

And the total 56 attendees did great - I am always amazed by the Cert weekend and the experience it provides. Truly amazing.

So - some jet lag and many hours later I am back in Pittsburgh and getting ready to fly off again tomorrow to Myrtle Beach for another AFPA conference. In on Thurday night - present twice on Friday - Twice on Saturday morning - and back in Pittsburgh on Saturday night. Ah - the glamorous life of travel and presenting... ;)

I will hit a quick training session today and then off to the airport tomorrow.

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