Thursday, May 31, 2007

Training today:

Squats 435 x 2,2,2,2,2

MP 40kg x 2,2,2

Pull-ups 45# x 5, 90# x 2, 70# x 3

I heard the voice of Jack Reape in my head today as I was preparing for my workout - the plan called for 430 - which meant pulling out the 2.5# plates (which Jack has painted pink to discourage their use) - and I thought "I can't do it - what would Jack say?" and decided to run with 435 for today! Thanks Jack - i think ;)

Squats are feeling very solid - today was a bit of a push to hit the heavier session so soon after the band squats on Tuesday but I felt I could do it and needed to get back on schedule.

Recovery this weekend and then squats Monday.


Christine said...

LOL! My training partner and I refer to the 2.5# plates as "coasters".

Mark Reifkind said...

LOL, 'what would jack say?'. now thats a line that will get repeated again. nice job man.
For the record, though, I love my 2.5 lb plates and NO ONE will paint them pink!LOL. It's all one needs to get a PR or a record.They add up more than one thinks and to even THINK of missing when all one has added to the bar is a measly 2.5 kg is unthinkable.

Brett Jones said...

The "coasters" as Christine puts it are only there for PRs!
And I think "What would Jack say" could be a great guiding principle! ;)
Thanks Christine.

Royce said...

LOL, man pink 2.5s now that's funny! Gunna have to put "WWJS" above my rack. LOL

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