Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A very nice weekend...

Two highlights from this weekend - a visit to Falling Water (the Frank Lloyd Wright designed house) and a visit to the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, Pa.

Falling Water is fantastic. Truly spectacular - I will try to post a picture later. In addition to two Picasso originals, two Vega originals, and few very famous Japanese prints - the house itself is a true work of art. Really has to be seen to be appreciated and I will be going back for more in depth tours.

The Flight 93 Memorial (it is a temporary memorial for now with a completed memorial slated for 2011) was far more powerful than I had expected. The site is very basic right now but filled with memorials, mementos, and emotion. The staff did a great presentation of the events of that tragic day and the 40 lives lost. Wreckage was recovered up to 65 feet in the ground at the impact sight and you can still see the scorched trees. The flight recorder showed that the auto pilot had been reset for Washington DC - How different that already tragic day could have been.

So - some good food, beautiful driving, and powerful sights - a very nice Memorial Day weekend.
I hope yours was great as well.

Back to the squat rack later today for an easy day of squatting.


Christine said...

My family is headed out to see that house in July, glad it's worth the trip... not sure if they're going to the memorial too.

john said...

I've visited several of Frank Lloyd Wright's houses and always been struck by how deeply rooted they are in the topography. They "hug" the ground beneath them.

Never been to Falling Waters, though I hope to see it some day.

Brett Jones said...

I highly recommend seeing Falling Water - hopefully I can get some pics up tomorrow. Thanks

Wil said...

Here in my hometown of Bartlesville, OK, we have the Price Tower, which is the only skyscraper designed & built by Frank Lloyd Wright. An amazing architect- truly innovative designs. The tower is modeled after a tree, and all of its dimensions are variations of a quadrilateral triangle. I haven't been to see Falling Water yet, but I can imagine it's something to behold. Hope to see your pics, Brett!

Brett Jones said...

I will post more pics as I can - it is a truly amazing place.

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