Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Training today...

Squats w/ doubled mini bands 315 x 6,6,6,6
Bench 275 x 1, 315 x 1,1 (hit the pins but completed the rep),1,1
The squat program called for 345 x 4 sets of 6 reps but I decided to change the program a bit to include the band squats since I feel that they are helping my squats.
Bench was good - four singles at 315 is a PR I think- I hit the pins on one rep - I seem to be having a tendency to drift back with my right arm but was able to correct this a bit on the last rep.


Unknown said...

Another question on the "base of knowledge" front:

You mention Cook in passing, along w/ a number of other individual who've influenced you. Yet if memory serves you've done one and maybe two dvds w/ him (and maybe a few presentations as well?). Do you use the Functional Movement Screen yourself when assessing new clients? If so, is it the 'exact' fms, or have you tweaked/expanded based on your reading/study of others?

More broadly, how do you approach evaluating a new client in terms of addressing existing "problems" (imbalances in flexibility, strength, etc.) and then improving performance?

Brett Jones said...

I first met and worked with Gray over 10 years ago back in Chatham, Va and I attended his first ever FMS workshop back in 98 (I think could be 99) - so I have worked with Gray quite a bit and we have 4 more projects in the line to come out and more in planning and I present for the FMS.

I do use the FMS with my clients - sometimes I tweak it a little but I basically follow the tests as they are and the corrective strategies + KB related corrections guide my initial sessions with clients.
After a complete medical and injury history and screen - I know where to go with the client based on their goals.

Mike T Nelson said...

Great stuff here!

I am looking forward to some more stuff from you and Gray Cook! I saw Gray present here at the Perform Better seminar last year---really great stuff from him as always.

Keep up the good work and nice job on the bench PR!!

Mike T. Nelson

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Mike - there is more on the way.

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