Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Quick workout today:

Squats - 405 x 2, 455 x 2, 485 x 2, 455 x 2, 405 x 2

Close Grip Bench 225 x 8 sets of 3 reps

A few swings but nothing else of note - 485 x 2 is a PR and a great way to head off to Denmark for the European RKC!

I will be off the Grid until next Tuesday but will be back with a full report.


Joe Sarti said...

I am so impressed by you Brett. You are truly one of the great coaches, teachers out there and I appreciate your blog.

Nice job on the PR, I am too afraid to squat so I stick with the deads...lol, jk!

Enjoy Denmark

Brett Jones said...

Thank you Joe - humbling praise - thank you.
Have no fear - squats are fun - and you have the coach to get you dialed in -but not till you have 6 months of DL under you.
You training looks great. Hope all is well.

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