Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jet lag, fatigue and getting things rolling again...

WOW - the past three weeks jumped up and knocked me for a loop! I have been trying to recover and get back on top of things but not quite getting there. I should have scheduled a day off after this travel in order to recover better but figured I'd be good to go - live and learn.

Fatigue is a funny thing - at least this type of fatigue. Once I get up and moving it isn't much of a physical issue - it is a mental fatigue. Like the fact that it just took me three tries to spell "fatigue" correctly! ;)
This is something that only sleep can help with and I haven't been recharging like I should. And my diet has been for crap. Nothing like travel, socializing and mental fatigue to knock you off your path!

So - it is time to quit complaining (I'm sure those of you who know me are really waiting for that day!) and get back to work.

A quick recent discovery - The naked juice drink - Green Machine - lots of great stuff in there and seems to be helping me muddle through this period of bad food and lack of sleep. Can't wait to see if it helps when I am sleeping well and eating well.

Another one - I did some rolling of my feet with a lacrosse ball yesterday - after being reminded of the fascial connection from the feet to everything else in the body - felt good and it seems that the rolling and trigger point work has really helped me get through this travel and work without any aches or pains.

Next week the 15 week squat cycle begins! Fun, fun, fun.... ;)


Joe Sarti said...

thx for the comments. rest is a great thing and so is the green machine especially when travelling and it is tough to find good nutrious meals.

PS I have used the little bouncy balls that you find in the quarter machines for kids, works great on the feet.

Look forward to reading your training for the up and coming weeks

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Joe - the next few weeks are going to me fun!

Christine said...

hmmm... I'll have to try the balls on my feet when I'm sitting here at work. It'd be a good way to pass the time.

I'm a big believer in the Mental Health Day... sometimes you just gotta screw off for a bit to make things okay!

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