Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bench and DL today:

Bench with Doubled over Mini bands
205 x 3,3,3,3,3,3

DL worked up to: 495 x 1, 545 x 1, 565 x 0, 495 x 1

Bench felt good - couldn't have done this a few weeks ago - I remember my first band bench day and 205 with the bands felt pretty darn hard for a double - so I am pleased with todays bench. Me thinks the bands are good!
Need to put the DL back in the rotation - felt really good on 545 (which is over 95% of my max) but when I went for a 5# PR after not having deadlifted in quite some time I realized that my set up was bit off (mainly my breath) so I need to groove my DL a bit and be able to ride my squat increases into my DL.

I will post a couple of pics of my band bench set up.


Christine said...

Oh thank god, I needed to see pictures of that set up.

Brett Jones said...

I figured it was a matter of interest ;)
But seriously - when I tried to describe to people doubled mini bands I got some confused responses - well - no more confusion. Thanks

Iron Tamer said...

You so big and strong!

Jim Ryan said...

Hey Brett,
I'm showing my ignorance here, but I don't intuitively get why you are doing the band benches. Could you explain briefly?

A new RKC

Joe Sarti said...

Nice Pull man! I have something to aim for ;-)

Hope you enjoy the RKC

Royce said...

The band set up on the bench is killer. Thanks again for putting it up!

Rick & The Family! said...


We have found more carry over with the band bench work if we do actual pauses on the chest. Attach the bands exactly how you are, lower quick and pause, then blast it to lockout. This made a huge improvement in all of our presses.

-Rick Walker

Brett Jones said...

Thanks brother - My third rep on every set was a pause at the bottom like you are describing. I think the bands are huge for bench and squat.

Bands are a form of speed and compensatory acceleration training which increase the

Brett Jones said...

Sorry about the break in the message - bands increase the speed and tension needed to complete the lift in a different way than increasing bar weight - you have to "beat" the bands on way up and control the extra tension on the way down. Check out jumpstretch bands and articles at

Jim Ryan said...

Thanks Brett, I did check out some stuff about bands. Good stuff.

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