Monday, June 11, 2007

A highlight reel from the Danish RKC May 2007 -
Some Kettlebell, Juggling KBs, Bending, Tearing, etc...Loads of fun - Enjoy!


D Silveri said...

man I dont even know what to say... THATS JUST FREAKIN BAD!

im gonna start bending some nails... roofing nails... hahaha

Mark Reifkind said...

that IS bad! I can't stop watching it. SO much to learn about serious form for heavy kb work.Being able to watch in frame by frame is great! amazing make it looks easy.
I am definitely gonna have to gain some weight for Denmark!

Lauren Brooks said...

This is just amazing!

Setting the bar pretty high for these guys!



Brett Jones said...

Thanks Dustin, Rif and Lauren -
It was a fun time.
Lauren - How are you?

Lauren Brooks said...

I've been pretty good. Things sure change when you have a baby. I'm loving it though.

Hope you aren't missing San Diego too much!

Joe Sarti said...

FREAK! Inspirational my friend, you are an amazing athlete and STRONG, I am STRONG the way I would want!

Christine said...

File under: Ass, Bad.

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