Monday, June 18, 2007

Recovery and Sleep and Bands...

I finally logged some serious sleep time on Saturday night into Sunday and then gave it all back last night while trying to finish some DVD editing and preparations for the week ahead. My inability to say no and ending up taking on every project that comes across my table doesn't mix well with trying to have a "life" and spend time with loved ones and friends. Which means I will be turning down projects and opportunities in the future and seeking a better balance for my professional and personal lives.

Bands - I have been asked - "what is the point of training with bands?" What do they do for you? Well in the most simple terms they are a form of compensatory acceleration training but also much more. The band (when set to add resistance) is trying to pull you into the ground on the eccentric portion of the lift and then you have to turn around and "beat" the band to the top of the movement on the concentric portion of the lift.
It is a method of increasing the tension, speed and difficulty of a lift without increasing the bar weight. But working against the band certainly ends up increasing poundage on the lift.
For me it has dialed in and improved my squat form and speed from un-racking the weight to completion of the lift and the same for the bench (overloading lock-out and keeping me driving into the bar).
There are probably more scientific explanations about force vectors and variable resistance over ranges of the movement but I simply like to think of the band trying to crush me on the way down and having to "beat" the band back to lockout. It places you under increased tension while having to produce more bar speed - two very good things!

Basically - get some bands and use them. If things go well I will post some pics of my band squat set up later today.


Fuzz said...

Yes, bands are a blast and effective. Trying to beat the band from pushing you down really gets everything firing.
I like doing them without a bar but connected with a velcro strap to create a harness over the shoulders. We do high rep ballistic squats and leaning into a bench or box and driving the hips through for my football players. The squats keep me explosive and helped prepare me for last weeks RKC.

Jim Ryan said...
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Jim Ryan said...

Thanks for the more in-depth explanation Brett. I am now intrigued and will have to add them to my arsenal as well. I do have several questions;

Would they be applicable to pretty much any exercise?

Adding straps would come after you are confident in your technique I presume?

Are they added in a GTG fashion or do you do more intensive (exhaustive) work with them at times or what?

Only used when you are performing 3 or more reps (nowhere near failure?)

Would they be used in advanced rehab (with weights) to stress stabilizers?

Thanks much in advance.

Jim Ryan, DC, RKC
Whew! So many things out there!

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Andy - high rep squats with the bands have got to be fun!

I think you can add them to almost any exercise but I think the bang for your buck movements are press, squats, DL and even Swings.
Bands can actually improve your technique but you should feel solid with your technique - yes.
Add them only every few sessions or for a brief two week cycle and only keep using them if your bar speed stays consistent. So reps are typically doubles or triples with bar speed being the determining factor.
Advanced rehab - depends on the injury and the individual.

Jim Ryan said...

Got it, thanks Brett!!!!

PS: Love your Secrets of the Shoulder!

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