Monday, February 23, 2009

Back from Danbury, to....

I am back from Danbury, Ct and the Kettlebell workshop I taught for Roger Nick at The Golf Performance Center.  If you are in the CT area and can get to Roger's place for FMS and performance enhancement - do it!  He has a great facility there and does a great job.

The workshop was great.  We covered a thorough joint mobility "warm-up" and then it was on to Swings, Get-ups and the rest of the basic KB drills with a heavy sprinkling of extras (rolling patterns and other bits of information included in the "Brett Jones Show").  A good time was had by all and we went about 2 hours over (can you say: added value!)

Now it is a "normal" week and off to Wichita, Kansas to teach a day and a half FMS workshop.

I did manage to tweak my Left knee (i have a history with this left knee so this does not surprise me) so I will be training my grip and half get-ups this week to let it heal up for this weekend.  Travel, fatigue and such take their toll but the show goes on....

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