Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Looking around...

I actually bought two "fitness" magazines yesterday just to have a peak out at what is going on in the public or "popular" media as far as health and fitness information.
I am not impressed overall but there was some good dietary info.

More of the same (program of the month, add inches to your arms etc...) with a sprinkle of things that didn't make me shake my head.
I will look through them again and get somewhat specific later today or tomorrow.

In the mean time I saw a good NY Times article on line that I wanted to post and then ran into several others:
The first is on the importance of exercise in learning - the fourth R
Movement impacts more than the "body" - it is an essential part of learning and brain and body map development and it is being all but eliminated from our educational system. And in the mean time rates of ADD and behavior issues have been on the climb. Coincidence???

Here is one on foot pain that gives some decent information and then recommends walking as the best way to strengthen the foot:
Well - maybe and maybe not - do the joints in your feet have the mobility necessary to get benefit from walking or will it actually hurt you?
Get your feet mobile with Z Health joint mobility drills if you are going to walk (link on left - either R phase or the Quick Start Guide)

Here is an article that could become a rallying cry for all of those that don't like to exercise:
Apparently exercise doesn't change a thing??? What the hell kind of crap is this???
Did they bother to look at the dangers of leading a sedentary lifestyle????

And here is another one that will become a rallying cry of those who "can't" or don't want to lose weight:
"The research is just beginning, true, but already it has upended some hoary myths about dieting. The body establishes its optimal weight early on, perhaps even before birth, and defends it vigorously through adulthood. As a result, weight control is difficult for most of us. And obesity, the terrible new epidemic of the developed world, is almost impossible to cure."
Almost impossible to cure - is that is the message to be sending about the coming health epidemic!!???
Do some of these people think before they spew "wisdom"????
Sedentary lifestyle along with massive sugar consumption etc... eliminate those two things or change those two things and we would not be looking at an "impossible" situation.

We as a species are meant to MOVE. Period.

Well - enough ranting...

Yesterday's Training....
Prep work - Extensive Z, ASLR
Get-Ups alternating between 16 kg and 24 kg ladders
Get-ups to Post position (tall sit)
24kg 1+1
16kg 1+1
24kg 2+2
16kg 2+2
24kg 3+3
16kg 3+3
Repeat ladder adding in the bridge position

Z, Brettzel and ASLR to finish


Johnny said...

Great post, Brett. Hard to imagine that somebody could actually believe that crap about obesity!

I have a few years experience with Super Joints and Intu-Flow. Which Z Health DVD would you recommend as a starting point?

Sean Schniederjan RKC said...

As long as there are still those who fight when the "experts" call it quits we'll be OK. This of course applies to more than the fitness industry, lol!

Brett Jones said...

I would go with R-phase and possibly the NWU #1 as well. You will find the movements in R to be a bit more isolated than some of the things you are practicing but it will pay off. After working on R for a while you can bump up to I phase and more integrated movement.

I had been doing typical Joint Mobility work for a few years before getting R phase and it was like starting over in a way.

People want to feel ok about themselves and receiving "absolution" for something like exercise and being overweight is all to appealing to people.
Keeping up the "fight" is what we do!

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