Friday, February 06, 2009

Heavy Fun...

My friend and RKC Team Leader Peter Lakatos was kind enough to let me get a little heavy fun in today...

Get-up 36 kg x 1+1
Bent press 48 kg x 1+1

Get-up 60 kg x 1 right (0 left)
Bent Press 60 kg x 1 right

60 kg - Clean x 4+4
60 kg - One Arm Swing x 5+5

36 kg Bottoms up Press x 1 right
32 kg Bottoms up Press x 1 Left
48 kg MP x 1 Right - 40 kg MP x 1 Left
48 kg Snatch x 3+3

Heavy is Fun!
I have a little work to do to bring my Left side up to even with my Right - obviously!
No room for error with the 60 kg KB  - it gets a little momentum and it is going to come out of the groove!  Fun.


Franz Snideman said...


WOW! Never seen that before! Very impressive! I finished my CK-FMS video and will send you over the link this weekend. Of course when you get back into the states you can view it.

Is the address you gave us at the CK-FMS Cert still correct? I need to send you a check unless you want me to pay you another way.

Thanks brother!

Have fun!

Mike T Nelson said...

Wow! Holy Huge KB!! Nice work.
rock on
Mike N

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Franz - i look forward to the DVD.

Thanks Mike - it is a big KB.

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