Monday, February 23, 2009

Coming very soon!!
Rare archival footage of Brett Jones and Jeff O'Connor revealing through interviews with World Champions and demonstration of unique KB drills for the "Power Athlete".

Quick grip training today...

Card tearing x 4 decks
(I tried two decks with one strip of duct tape around the deck and while I was able to start each  deck I was unable to finish the deck and had to remove the tape to finish the deck)
Pinch Lever Block with 10# at the end of the post x 2 sets of 3+3

I have a little ways to go with the duct tape card tears - but the other decks were easier after the duct tape attempts.  


Anonymous said...

Hi Brett,

I pre-order one now...serious.

Brett Jones said...

Consider it done!
I'll be emailing you on the schedule tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brett,

Cant wait...:)

Mike T Nelson said...

Wow, you are product producing machine! Keep cranking them out.

Rock on
Mike N

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