Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Headed off to Budapest tomorrow...

Going to Budapest, Hungary tomorrow to teach an FMS workshop - will blog when I can but I am looking forward to seeing Peter Lakatos and all of my Hungarian friends again!

The picture above is a one arm barbell DL that was one of Ed Coan's favorite lifts for increasing grip strength for the deadlift.  Done for weight or held for time - it is a great grip training lift.
Quick training:
Prep work - Z
40 kg Get-ups x 5 singles each side
1 deck of Casino cards - very tough - in fact it turned into a corner tear.
Bending 60d nails x 6
Pinch level Block (10# @ 3/4 post) x 5+5
40 kg One Arm Swings - 5+5 x 5 sets

My hands are still a bit fried from Sunday but I just had to get one more in before the trip.
the Corner tear of the deck is tough but I just couldn't get it to go all the way so I got frustrated and took the corner off instead.  The blister in the webbing of my right that tore open during the attempt might have had something to do with that.
Get-ups felt good and I need to rest my hands.
I will be working on some extended blog posts while I am gone and will try to get some video from Hungary. 

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Rita Nemeth, RKC said...

Dear Brett, we are looking forward to see you again! :-)

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