Thursday, February 26, 2009

Card tearing continued...

I tore 3 casino decks yesterday.
Today I tore 4 casino decks -
I added 6 cards to one deck and tore it with pretty much the same effort as a 52 card deck.
Tore two more full decks - quartering one of those halves and then tore the 46 card deck and quartered one of those halves for a total of 4 decks.

I am finding that I am not getting the tear in the middle of the deck but the tear is higher in the deck.  Looks like I need to fiddle with my set up and hand positioning.

More training later...


Phil Scarito said...


Would you be able to video you ripping a deck. I would like to see your hand position at the start.

Working on 48 now. I looked at Adam's blog and got some great advice. Just want to see how you set up

Brett Jones said...

I'll try to post some when I get home from this weekends trip.
Your tearing is coming along though and you are right about your other lifts getting stronger - stronger hands = stronger body.

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